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Fire Alarm Design & Installation

Electric, Fire & Security is an Underwriters Laboratories (UL) listed fire alarm installation and service company. We can provide UL certification of your installation. We will work with you from design to completed certification with your City Fire Marshal. We comply with all standard fire codes in accordance with UL, NFPA, state and local codes. We want to provide you the best protection.

Electric, Fire & Security sells and installs fire alarm systems from Silent Knight. Silent Knight offers both analog addressable and conventional fire alarm control panels as well as annunciators, pull stations and all other devices. We install from 2 zones up to 999 zones.

We service, repair and inspect new or existing systems in accordance to UL, NFPA, state and local codes. We work with all city fire marshals and chiefs. marshals and chiefs.

Reasons to Install a New Fire Alarm System or Upgrade an Existing System:

  • • Many lives have been saved by properly placed smoke detectors and audio visual alarms.
  • • Your property is protected from major fire loss by providing an early warning.
  • • Automatic notification of the fire department, through the use of off-site monitoring, protects your building.
  • • Insurance carriers often provide lower premiums when fire alarm systems are in place.
  • • Fire codes require an alarm system when building renovations are made.
  • • Even if you already have a fire alarm system, technology has advanced beyond the simple bell and light system. Addressable technology now allows individual device identification through custom programming by our certified technicians.